Percussionist and drummer.

He has had the pleasure of meeting and playing with: Amiri Baraka, Andrea Melani, Beppe Scardino, Bobby Previte, Bobo Rondelli, Carneigra, Danilo Gallo, Dimitri Grechi Espinoza, Dinamitri Jazz Folklore, Ellade Bandini, Emanuele Parrini, Enrico Rava, Enrico Sartori, Enrico Terragnoli, Fabrizio Bosso,  Francesco Bigoni, Gabrio Baldacci, Gianluca Petrella, Giorgio Rossi, Giovanni Guidi, Jeff Albert, Karima Ammar, Magicaboola Brass Band, Mauro Ottolini, Mauro Refosco,  Mirco Mariottini, Mirco Rubegni, Nada, Oumara Moctar “Bombino”, Orchestra Vertical, Ottavo Padiglione, Paolo Fresu, Pasquale Mirra, Patrick Dillet, Peewee Durante, Piero Bittolo Bon, Pierpaolo De Gregorio, Raindogs, Sadiq Bey, Samba Tourè, Silvia Bolognesi, Stefano Bollani, Stefano Senni, Tartit, Tony Cattano, Vincent Davis and Zeno de Rossi.


He has participated in major international festivals including: Munster International Jazz Festival (D), Jazz in Groningen (NL), Gent Jazz Festival (BE), Saalfelden Jazz Festival (AUT) , Natt Jazz Bergen (N), Festival de Montpellier (FR), Haizetara festival Amorebieta-Etxano (E), Pflasterspektakel Linz (AUS), Cuivro Foliz (FR), Merce à banda Barcelona (E), Musikale Bilbao (E) and many more ...


And important national festivals:
Umbria Jazz, Terni Jazz, Festival du Desert, Narni Black Festival, Piacenza Jazz Festival, European Jazz Festival Cagliari, Fandango Festival Roma, Fabbrica Europa (Fi), Freelivefest (Fi), Correggio Jazz, Strit festival (Napoli), Crossroads (Emilia Romagna), Summer Tam (Marche), Eventi In Jazz..


He was born in Florence (Italy) in 1973 and moved to Livorno at an early age. At 15 he started playing drums and percussion. He began to study drums at the Academy of Modern Music in Florence with Marco Barsanti and Franco Rossi, who lead regular seminars. He attended seminars held by Elvin Jones and Horacio (El Negro) Hernandez at Ravenna Jazz and participated in the laboratory of improvisation and deepening of Afro-American music tradition taught by Dimitri Grechi Espinoza.

In 2002 he attended a laboratory on healing in the African music tradition held by Goma'Parfait Ludovic, director of Congolese company Yela WA who won the grammy for musical research at the festival Panafrican of Brazaville 2001. He also attended seminars of Afro-Cuban percussion and Cajun in Barcelona studying with Miguel “Anga” Diaz, El Pirana, Cepillo, José Carrasco, Huan Flores and Pepe Motos. He has also participated in a seminar of Cajun in Genova by an Afro- Peruvian percussionist : Juan “Medrano” Cotito.

In 2003 he started to collaborate with the singer Bobo Rondelli with whom he has recorded several albums and become part of the Band Ottavo Padiglione.

In 2004 he began his collaboration with the band Dinamitri Jazz Folklore founded by saxophonist Dimitri Grechi Espinoza with whom he recorded “Congo Evidence” with the participation of African-American poet-singer Sadiq Bey.

In 2007 he joined the Cosmic Band, trombonist project Gianluca Petrella with whom he recorded the album “Cosmic Music” issued with ’The Espresso’ in the series “Italian Jazz Live 2007” with guest Paolo Fresu. In the same year, Simone guested along with Steve Bernstein, Michele Papadia and John de Leo on the new album of G.Petrella “Kaleido” - Indigo4 quartet (Francesco Bearzatti, Paolino dalla Porta, Fabio Accardi). This album was released on the Blue Note record label.

In 2009, the new album of Cosmic Band Gianluca Petrella, “Coming Tomorrow Part I” is released for the label Spacebone Records and “Akendengue Suite”, the new work from Dinamitri Jazz Folklore included a historical figure of African-American culture: Amiri Baraka aka Leroy Jones. The album was produced and released on the Rai Trade label. Meanwhile, he continued collaborating with the singer Bobo Rondelli and made “Per Amor Del Cielo”, produced by Filippo Gatti & Live Global. The album, accompanied by a beautiful documentary made by director Paolo Virzì entitled “Luomo Che Aveva Picchiato La Testa”, achieved great success and led to the band doing a long tour in theatres and in the squares of the major Italian cities.


In 2010 he joined the group led by bassist Silvia Bolognesi: Open Combo Large. He has also collaborated with the collective El Gallo Rojo and the Orchestra Vertical directed by Enrico Terragnoli. As vice-president of the association Spaziozero, he organized a series of meetings of improvisation entitled ‘Improzero’ with the participation of other collectives including Franco Ferguson of Rome and the same collective El Gallo Rojo.

He has worked on the album “Shtik The Manne I Love!” Zeno De Rossi and together with the saxophonist Dimitri Grechi Espinoza forms the Caciuk Orchestra a multi-ethnic orchestra composed of 16 elements made in collaboration with the Association Spaziozero and ARCILivorno.

In 2011 he participated in the making of the album “L'ora dell'Ormai”, the latest work of Bobo Rondelli on the Live Global label and the new recording of G.Petrella’s Cosmic Band “Coming Tomorrow Part II”. Began in 2001, the Orchestrino, a street band consisting of six elements: Beppe Scardino bariton sax, Tony Cattano trombone, Dimitri Grechi Espinoza alto sax, Filippo Ceccarini trumpet , Daniele Paoletti snare drums and Simone Padovani bass drums.


In 2012, Simone worked with Dinamitri Jazz Folklore on a new project: “The Society Of The Masks.”